Our surroundings had already been home to Acadian agriculture for two centuries when in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, a gentleman named S├ębastien Bourgeois returned to his village after having succeeded as an entrepreneur in the US.


His intentions were two-fold: Create employment for people in his community and take advantage of what he recognized as prime apple growing conditions. Indeed, the rolling hills of clay loam soils, the moderating effect of the Bay of Fundy, and the healthy-looking apple trees that already dotted the landscape motivated him and others to establish their first 100 trees.

Eighty years later, and still in the same family, our orchards now comprise over 70 000 apples trees. We are today one of Atlantic Canada’s premier growers and suppliers of apples, and have expanded our product line to include sweet cider, a hard cider and several award-winning wines.